Dynamo aims at unraveling the complexity of Mediterranean landscapes and land-use systems, the multiple processes they register across different scales, and the emerging social demand for their multi-functionality, beyond agricultural commodity production. To achieve this, Dynamo gathers researchers with various perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds, including the engineering, natural, social and human sciences. This integration is required to deal with the multiple and complex challenges arising in the management of rural areas, at levels comprising all the way from public policies to the local farm level. Integrative research teams are required to fulfil key gaps in research and knowledge production,  of direct relevance in the Mediterranean context.

Key concepts which are shared by all Dynamo’s are: Mediterranean rural landscapes and land-use systems; socio-ecological processes; empowerment and action-oriented research; systems thinking; spatial and scalar relationships.

Within Dynamo, different lines of specialized knowledge, research capacity and innovation can be individualized, each of them with dedicated coordinators

  • GIS/RS(Remote Sensing) – based spatial analysis and modelling | Coord. Sérgio Godinho and Nuno Guiomar
  • Landscape functions and services, and spatial planning | Coord. José Munoz-Rojas
  • Rural governance and decision making | Coord. Teresa Pinto-Correia
  • Transdisciplinarity processes and co-construction of knowledge | Coord. Helena Guimarães